Feltner's Sewer & Drain Service

Rated 4.9 stars from 33 reviews.

I've had Feltner"s Sewer and Drain coming to the house for years. They are the best. Courteous, timely, as tidy as sewer work can be and they do a great job. This trip I sign up for a yearly maintenance program. If I had called them in March when they sent a reminder I would have avoided the sewer back up they had to deal with today...roots growing into the sewer pipes.

Great guys, highly recommended, clean prompt repair of our sewer line. Good people to have in your address book.

Service was very professional and prompt. They explained and showed in detail what exactly was the problem. And the price for their services doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

On time, in and out but took time to discuss problem. Very Good!

The Feltner plumbers were very helpful in answering all of my questions and solving my plumbing issue. I had a previous plumber that came to my house and seemed to only provide a temporary fix. I trusted that Fletner plumbing was up to the task as they were recommended by a friend and after thwy were done they reassured me that my problem was solved! Thank you for giving me peace of mind and helping fix my clog!

Very efficient Pleasant fixed my problem quickly

This is our goto company for our issues. The experience was great from the phone call to set up the appointment, to the notification that they are on their way. The guys are great!

Awesome company! My son decided to plug our main sewer line when it was negative 20 deg, and they came right out and had us going in minutes. Their price was way better than everyone else, too! Thank you to Feltner's for being there for us.

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