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Vietzke is a charter member of my personal PWCA3 group. They are Professionals Who Care and Always Act Accordingly. They are the ones who share my values, my work ethic, my attention to detail, and an overriding desire to do the job right - no matter what. Period. Consistent kudos to Danny, Brad, and Ty - and to Hank and Brett before them - for ALWAYS delivering on their promise of quality work and dedication to the jobs I ask them to perform. I have never met Paul Vietzke, but he certainly makes great choices in the people who represent him in business. You won’t be disappointed by Vietzke. Period. UPDATE December 30 2017: We recently contracted Vietzke to burst and replace our 1955 vintage "Orangeburg" sewer main at Manito Presbyterian Church. It was a big job and Vietze was the winning low bid, by quite a lot. Things got more complicated once the digging began - there were several wye fittings in the cast iron pipe, the Orangeburg itself was hard to find, and the water main was leaking from years of deterioration. It looked like swiss cheese. Vietzke quoted a VERY fair price to add the new water main to the scope of work, and they got on it FAST. Since there is a school attached to the church, the crew agreed to do the water line work after school hours to minimize headaches for students, parents, and teachers. Many kudos to Nathan and his crew, including Chris and Patrick to name a few, for their total dedication to doing the work quickly and correctly. This, in spite of cold weather and dark afternoons, was their top priority. You really have to admire these guys - they live their job even when things get tough going. Probably most important to the church and congregation - never once did Vietzke come off their quote bid, nor did they try to play games with the scope of the work. They did what they promised they would do, they always communicated with us, and they really did the job right. Oh, and at the end, a giant mountain of excavated dirt and boulders which temporarily occupied our front lawn on 29th Avenue, suddenly disappeared on the last day. It almost appeared as if they had never been there...but I assure you that they were there. Two thumbs up to Vietzke! 2nd UPDATE - December 19, 2018 For the second year in a row we have contracted Vietzke for sewer repair and line replacement. This time it was for a second main line, coming from the east wing of our building. Just as with last year, the job was complex. This job involved 1) epoxy lining the clay tile section under 29th Avenue, and 2) bursting and pulling new pipe through the (torturous) path that the PVC section took on our property. Suffice it to say, Vietzke did a phenomenally great job and they were able to make the repairs without disrupting our asphalt driveway. We got new clean outs as well, so any future maintenance will be a lot simpler too. To name some names: Tyrell did a super job with the estimate and stayed within it; Nathan ran the crew very efficiently and cordially kept me well-informed every step of the way; and the Crew graciously let me take videos to document the progress for our Elders and the congregation. The crew was also nice enough to set aside and stack some excavated boulders for us to use with an upcoming landscaping project in the Spring. Vietzke hit a home run with us once again!

I recently had another flood in my basement and like usual I paid a plumber to come and flush the lines to unblock the pipes. Not only did they charge double what has been charged in the past, apparently during the unblocking they damaged the already weak clay pipes that were there resulting in a bigger flood in my basement. Thankfully I was referred to Vietzke by a neighbor who had worked with them previously. I have been out of state and my daughters were rightfully panicking. Not only did Vietzke agree to take on this emergency plumbing job, they organized their already busy schedule to ensure the job would be finished before the cement prices were scheduled to double which saves me anywhere from $2-4000!!! From start of call to finish of project was under 2 days! Furthermore, the customer service was outstanding! Every phone call I made was promptly answered—-by a human —— and every text I sent was returned with progress updates. Every question I had was answered in detail. I am beyond pleased with the company and the outcome! I would highly recommend this company for any plumbing needs. They really saved the day!!

Had a problem with a plugged line Vietzke came out and did a great job fixing it for me. Brad was very professional and knowledgeable about the problem. It was cool watching the camera go through the pipes. Thanks Brad and Vietzke for coming to the rescue I highly recommend this company.

Very professional, do what they say they will do and in the time they say it will be done. There was additional work needed and their charges were fair and reasonable. I highly recommend Vietzke to anyone needing work they provide.

Vietzke did an awesome job of getting a water meter on our property. As the photos show they had to cut across the pavement to tap into the water main on the other side of the road. To make matters worse they had to do in an unusually rainy week. They were professional and quick and they got the job done.

This company is a class act. Our 100+ plus year old house on the South hill needed the sewer line as well as the water line replaced. We received the bid, signed the contract and the crew was there within 3 days. (Thank goodness since our sewer had backed up into our basement). The crew was great. Unfortunately our lines were surrounded by layers of rock which caused delays, but they kept us appraised of their progress every step of the way. They were professional and courteous throughput the project. We highly recommend Vietzke. (Thank you so much for all your hard work!)

Very professionl, easy to schedule, step two complete traced the line system recorded the depth of the line. Shared types of sewer line processes. Now I'm waiting on the estimate and recommendations. Last permit pulled on my sewer line was 1916 home built in 1904. It's time for sewer maintenance.

Vietzke's customer service and work performed was top notch! I was really impressed after digging two huge holes in my yard and landscape, you could barely tell they were even there. I would highly recommend their services!

Vietzke Trenchless is very professional and they really know what they are doing when it comes to pipe lining. I would recommend this business to anyone. Extra Kudos to Tyrell who goes the extra mile for his customers. Thank you Vietzke Trenchless we need more companies out there like you!!!

They were quick to respond to phone call asking for evaluation and bid for sewer issues. Very personable and knowledgeable. Technician that made video of main sewer line cleaned up afterward...which was very important to me.

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