Real Time Reviews

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My clients (and their clients) can leave a Google or Facebook review directly from their website. And it has a WordPress plugin.

Great system for collecting reviews. Very easy to use for both - employees and customers.

So easy to use, its almost silly not to. In this day and age, positive reviews and a respectable consistency along with volume of said reviews is a must. Unfortunately, getting a customer to post said reviews can be a bit of an awkward process. Not with RTR (Real Time Reviews) One simple to use app. Send a text or email to your customer requesting a review. The customer clicks on a link and gets taken to a simple two step process to where they can share their experience with the world...... and #BAM......done. As I said earlier, Its SO simple to use, its almost silly not to. And thats a business model I can live with. I am a Customer of RTR. My company is All American Plumbers out of Manassas, VA. I have been observing the evolution of RTR for almost 3 years now. I seen Matt & Taylor Benton bring the concept to market and then I waited in the woods to see how the idea would take. At first I was a skeptic.......and then I started to see the results in the amount of 5-Star Google reviews some plumbing companies that work in a different state than mine. I was impressed, but not quite sold. And then my marketing model changed to a point where more Positive Google Reviews were a must and thats where RTR came in. I signed up, trained my team on how to use the app and before you know it, the Facebook, BBB and Google Reviews were rolling in. And to make it even better, I have a simple to use Review Dashboard I can check on a daily basis that show me what came in from days prior. #Easy To make it simple, Im glad I signed up to the RTR Solutions. Business is Good. You should check it out too.

Awesome App! Very user friendly, simple, and fast to use. Highly recommend using Real Time Reviews!

Simple design and intuitive to use. Make your business known and manage your online reputation with Real Time Reviews!

I had no clue how to build my Google ranking, Real Time Reviews has made it easy. Thanks, love the service!

Real time reviews does a great in helping our company get reviews in many different social sites. Highly recommended!

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