Diamond Auto Glass

Rated 5 stars from 63 reviews.

We hit a deer in the middle of nowhere Utah. We called everywhere between Moab and Flagstaff. This was the only place able to repair our windshield and passenger window the same day at a reasonable cost and within 2 hours. Happy to be back on the road! Cheers for the hospitality and convenience.

Quality work. Have had 5 or so windshields done in Flagstaff in the last 8 years, they have done the last two and my rear view mirror hasnt fallen off -- unlike another shop in town. Friendly techs.

Fantastic service. Stewart was so helpful after our passenger window shattered on the highway. We were on our vacation and we were able to get on with our holiday in a matter of hours. Another shop wanted me to wait 5 days. Thank You Diamond. You rock!!!

Definitely recommend, very friendly and had my windshield replaced within an hour

I was super upset when my windshield chipped then spread to a full length crack on a cross country road trip. To make matters worse, the nationally-known brand name which my insurance company suggested (even though I couldn't even put this through under a claim because of my deductible anyway) couldn't give me any appointments sooner than 4 days out, when I was supposed to be leaving town to head to my next road trip adventure the next day! Thankfully, my boyfriend found diamond auto glass and gave them a call: they not only offered to take me right away (I opted to take an appointment the next morning) but when I arrived for my appointment, they started in on the work right away, and got the job done in significantly less time than projected! The work they did was well done and precise and the costumer service was great! This place saved my road trip!!

Not from the area, broke the back window of my truck passing through. Called them when they opened, within two hours they ordered and received the glass and installed it. Couldn't be more happy with the service and the price was fair considering how fast they worked. Very professional company and I would recommend them to anyone in the area. They did a great job cleaning the glass out of the back seat as well.

After a rock hit my windshield, leaving a 2 foot long crack, I made an appointment for replacement at diamond auto glass. I had first called another large company that was very backed up and did not have the best customer service. Everything about my experience with diamond auto glass was wonderful. The staff member on the phone who made the appointment was extremely helpful and knowledgeable, they were ready for me when I arrived, and they even noticed that I had given them slightly wrong information about my windshield and the type of sensor I had, so they took the time to drive across town and pick up the correct windshield part instead. I had originally been promised I would be finished within two hours, but the whole process only took an hour and a half even with the delay with the wrong part which was actually my fault. When I was ready to leave, they provided with me with the actual part number of the windshield that was the correct match for my newer vehicle, in case I ever needed to replace it again. This way, there would be no delays with ordering the right part from the beginning. They even put my sticker for my oil change due date back on the window for me. I was extremely impressed with their service, how quickly they did the work, and the quality of the repair. I would definitely recommend them to anyone.

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