Eye Care Associates

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My experience overall was awesome and will continue to go to Eye Care Associates for all my eye care needs!! I did however had to fill out my patient information 3 times! (Online, in the waiting room, and with “assistant”...) There has got to be away to streamline that process!!

Excellent experience. Doctor was extremely knowledgeable and explained everything in a non-hurried manner. Great. The Staff personnel were very professional and helpful. Will recommend to others.

Everyone is knowledgeable and very friendly. It has always been a wonderful experience.

Dr. McQuivey was very knowledgeable an the whole staff was friendly and professional. Overall a great experience!

Dr Meyer understands my eyes like no other doctor I have ever seen. My eyes have always been complicated

First of all, front office staff are welcoming & supportive. Best of all are the highly skilled professionals! They are supported by a great team and my experience has been exceptional. I've received first-rate care from my doctor, for over 25 years. She is the best!

Dr. Meyer is the greatest! She takes time to discuss every pertinent detail of my changing conditions during my annual checkup, even when other patients are waiting thir turn. She asks questions and listens ... truly listens ... to my answers and inquiries. All staff reflect her perceptiveness, professionalism, and “patient” approach to providing the best service possible. She personifies the “Care” in Eye Care Associates. Thanks to every employee for developing and sustaining a culture of professionalism and personalized service.

Very courteous, and they explain everything so you know exactly what's going on.

Thank you Dr. McQuivey for seeing our 1 year-old on such short notice! You and your staff were amazing with him! :)

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