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The underground waste plumbing in our townhouse was falling apart. I guess it was older ceramic pipes. In any case, we obtained estimates for repair/replacement from several companies. The typical company, tears up the floor to get at the pipes in order to replace them. I went on-line and found an alternative to tearing up the floors called Ne Flow. They came out and took a video like the others. Their process involves lining the old system with a bladder then filling up the area with a epoxy that forms a pipe when it sets. I called some other companies in Tuscon that did similar technique and they said it worked well. The price was similar to the other companies but we did not have to tear up and replace the floor covering which can be very expensive! We had them do the process and they sent a final video showing the result. it looks great and we don't have any more waste issues. The company was excellent in customer service and when they found the did not have to do a "clean out" of some pipes, we received a credit on the price! They did not have to even tell us about that as we had no idea what they were talking about. All I can say, is they were very honest and reputable. I would highly recommend Nu flow!

NuFlow relined the pipes in a 50 year old bathhouse, three showers each men's and women's, bathroom stalls, sinks and urinals. All went as planned and it appears that we now have extended the useful life of these bathrooms and showers for AT LEAST the next ten years and possibly much longer. Prior to using NuFlow I did seek out references and they were glowing. The cost of re-lining the sewer pipes is a fraction of a tear down and re-build of the bathhouses. I only wish we had their service ten years earlier when we paid almost $200,000 to re-build another similar structure.

One of the best places that I have ever worked. The pay is low but starting from the owners all the way down to rookies I was made to feel like family. The technology of this business takes all of the back breaking hole digging out of plumbing and saves the customer thousands of dollars in repairs of torn up tyle, jack hammered cement, ripped up floors and landscaping. I brought many years of home Improvement skills to this job and I am very impressed to be learning something new everyday. This is the first company aside from being in the Marine Corps where the owners and leaders crew themselves in on a job and actually work shoulder to shoulder with you in all types of elements and durations of the job. A company of the future I strongly believe. A great place to work that cares about me as an employee and cares strongly about home work life balance.

we are very satisfied with the 90 plus feet of sewer line you lined with your fiberglass epoxy re-lineing system. all of your employees were experts at their jobs. they explained the different procedures and answered all our questions. the workplace was kept clean and neat. no trenching inside the house like the first 16 ft repair with piles of dirt.i wish we had known about your system sooner. we wILL recommend Nu Flow to anyone with old cast iron sewer line problems. THANK YOU.

The customer service is excellent. They came out on a holiday while my business was closed so they would not interfere with my customers. My building was built in 1958 and this was the best option out there. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Did a thorough job. Arrived as they said they would, cleaned up after themselves and friendly crews, Would recommend them if you're having sewer problems and need them relined,,,,

We have had a very good experience with dealing with NuFlo and would recommend them very highly. The people have been very knowledgeable and helpful when we asked questions. A good experience all the way around.

Prompt, quality work , easy to work with, great communication and a great alternative that is typically less costly than a complete pipe replacement ...i would use again.thx james

I found all of the Nu Flow employees to be ethical and honest! They do good work and they do exactly what they say they will do. I recommend them highly and without reservation. I don't know how competitive their prices are because I never took bids from anyone else. I wanted quality work and I got it!

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