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My water heater started leaking on a sunday of course! Called rowells up they were here within an hour great service from these guys! Thanks Todd

I would click 10 Stars if I could Eric and Jason were amazing thank you so much for all the advice you gave me in the help you did. Thank you again and you two guys are just wonderful

Just an update on the review I posted about Rowell's Services a year or so ago. I contacted them again this week for heating/cooling options for my home. Lea and Pat were amazing! Pat gave me several options and estimates promptly and was very considerate, patient, and professional. I trust the products, but more importantly, the friendly people at Rowell's Services for all of my heating, cooling, plumbing, and septic needs. I've had two experiences with Rowell's and, in both cases, they bailed me out of a real jam quickly and professionally. Their work is impeccable, their service second-to-none. I highly recommend this business!

The gentleman that came to help us, I cant describe how impressed I was. His name was Keith, he was very proffesional, very informative, and I would definitely reccomend this company for any service they offer.

They came exactly when they told me they would. I thought I needed extensive work , but after they checked it was a simple problem. Trustworthy young men! As a single widow, their honesty was extraordinary! I would highly recommend this company. They were a breath of fresh air! Susan Branch

Above and beyond is the best way to explain todays experience! Eric, Erica, and Jason were friendly, kind and professional! Eric made sure all of the drains were free flowing before leaving. He and Jason explained in detail the repair that is needed and answers my questions. When I called for the appointment i spoke with Erica and she was very helpful and kind! It was great to see here out in the field training! The reason I call my experience above and beyond is because while Eric and Erica were busy inside my house working on my plumbing Jason took it upon himself to shovel some snow in areas that were unreachable by my plow. As a person who uses a power wheelchair full time home ownership and Winter time bring a unique set of challenges. Having someone like Jason just pick up a shovel and help out was incredible! I had been worried about how my oil delivery would go because of the snow, and thanks to Jason I don't have to worry about that anymore either. This trio was phenomenal they took care of the issue I was having, did not leave a mess, and made sure that I had a good understanding of the repair that needs to be done. My previous experience with rowels was not quite as positive , but this more than made up for it. I look forward to receiving the estimate to get the repairs finished in the near future. I highly recommend Rowells to anybody! Thank you! Beth R.

I made a call at 7:05 this morning, spoke with Kim and she said someone would be here around noon. A little after 9:00 she called and said there was a truck in Gilford and could be here in about 15 minutes - I got a call from Ian and said he was on the way and he even offered to pick up a coffee for me. I also got a text messages from him ( with a picture of him) to track him. I loved that feature, because I knew exactly who and when to expect them. They were here by 9:30, they put booties on and checked everything from the toilet, sink, tub, outside at the septic and even went on the roof to check the vent. It was fixed and they were out the door by 10:30. We are so happy with their work and how they presented themselves. We will now consider them “our” plummers. I would highly recommend this company to anyone! Pam Comstock Laconia, NH

First off, I would like to Say a HUGE Thankyou to Rowell's and their team. On the Sunday before Thanksgiving my septic started to back up outside in my yard. I called Rowell's and they sent Alex and Anthony right over. These two guys explained everything to me as to why this backup happened and what to do to prevent it in the future. They were not only professional but personable. Needless to say our Thanksgiving was great and I now have a better understanding of how my septic system works. Thanks Rowell's for great service and great employees, The Haskell's

Bill was great. He was right on time, one hour early. That ole day light savings thing!!! He help me find the cap and pumped the tank. He notice that my baffle had fallen off. Opps This was not a good thing! Bill to the rescue. I think I have one in my trusty truck. He sure did. Trying to put the coupling into the pipe going to the leach field, he saw that the pipe had been crushed just enough so the roundness was bad. Using his vast knowledge of the situation, he went to the truck once again, and came back with his mighty torch. Flame in hand, he heated up the end of the coupling and formed it to the pipe. Inserting the new baffle onto the coupling worked. Ya Great job Bill, thanks. In telling my story to my customers, they too have had very good experiences with Rowell's. I would be a spokes person for them. Thank you Mindy, John Morin, Laconia

Fabulous customer service over the phone when requesting information. Nice, intelligent Septic Inspectors willing to answer any questions and explain the results at the time of inspection. Eric and Chris did a great job. Prices are a bit higher than some other local companies, however, expect a thorough job and they use a camera. Pleased with the overall experience. Thanks !

Keith showed up right on time and the price was fair and didn't change when he got here! Very friendly and polite. Thanks for helping us out today!

Your technician showed up early and was on the job prior to my appointment (when does that ever happen) Greg was extremely personable and explained everything clearly. He made suggestions and had some great information on other things that I asked about. A great experience and exactly why I have Rowell's for my heating and septic needs. Thanks for a great job.

This is the second time Rowell's top notch plumbers have done great work in less than great circumstances. There is no need to ever call any other plumbing company.

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