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Great people to work with. This was a difficult messy job, in a rental home with the residents still there, did it with a minimum of disruption and was repaired and out in a few hours.

Professional & clear on what needs to be done. This was the estimate but once I get all the estimates they All American will be one of the front runners.

History: All American Plumbers did a superb job two yrs ago in digging out and replacing our 65 yr old home's cast iron sewer piping. The entire job cost HALF of what another estimate had been and as a result, we purchased an Annual Plumbing Contract for routine checks and repairs (if needed). Five days ago (a Thursday), we noticed our main bathroom tub faucet continued to leak after we took a morning shower. (The bathroom had last been remodeled 23 yrs ago!) We called All American, explained the problem, and that we were also annual contract holders ... and plumber "David L" arrived just a few hrs later! After inspecting the faucet he suggested a few alternatives, from just trying to fix the shower valve internals to an entire replacement. Due to the age of our home (and this installation in particular), we long ago learned to completely replace and upgrade items like this when the opportunity presents itself. We agreed that an entire replacement was what we wanted. We also asked about the sink faucet in that same bathroom which, while not leaking, DID have a "supply flow" restriction. Again, we decided to have David do a 'full replacement'. Third, we asked David's advice re. replacing our 14 yr old, 50 gallon natural gas hot water heater ... a project on our "To Do" list for about a year now. On inspecting the hot water heater, David said he could replace it the very next day should we want to do so. We said "Yes". Since the initial dripping faucet was now 3 jobs, David drew up an estimate that took into consideration the now much larger price, as well as our annual contract. We told him we'd buy the components we wanted from Home Depot and David said he return the next day (Fri) nlt 9 am. Next morning, David got to work, accessing the plumbing line for the tub from an interior closet wall. He cut an access hole in the interior closet and replaced the entire valve system and associated piping for the tub faucet and handle. We told him we'd take care of purchasing an access panel for the hole that he'd cut since its location in the bathroom's interior closet was a minor issue for us. David also installed a new tub drain spud and overflow plate to match the now new shower faucet and drain spout. Once these jobs were completed, David got to work on replacing the old hot water heater with the new one. With the help of an assistant, the old hot water heater was taken out off our house and the new one was installed. He made modifications to existing gas and water lines as needed. David then took the time to explain the operation of the new hot water heater and how it differed from the older one we'd just replaced. For example, the new one has a 4" Barometric Damper and Spill Switch and comes with a 6 yr Parts & 2 yr Labor Warranty. Since All American conducts its business, i.e., estimating, order writing, and billing via i-Pad, we were also able to pay by credit card at the kitchen counter! So in just two days, we went from having a constantly dripping shower faucet in an 'old' bathroom, to completely new fixtures AND a new hot water heater as well! The combined cost of all this work was far less than we had ever hoped and we still have All American Plumbers long history of superior work backing it all up as well! "Thank You" ALL AMERICAN PLUMBERS! :--)))

I had a wonderful experience with All American Plumbers. They did everything right. They were extremely efficient, courteous and kept me posted throughout the process. Tommy was a true professional. It is so refreshing to find a company that has this kind of ethical values. I would hire them again without hesitation, Good find!

Great experience. I needed a sump pump replaced. The plumber Justin arrived on time, gave me a reasonable estimate, was very professional and completed quality work. I would definitely use this company again.

FANTASTIC experience with All American Plumbers of Manassas. They handled my plumbing nightmare so smoothly, quickly and professionally that I hardly even knew they were there. After excavating my front lawn to repair a broken main sewer pipe, they tidied everything up beautifully and replaced the section of fence that had to be removed. In short, they wrapped up in about 48 hours what I feared would take days. Thanks to Dave, Jeremiah, Caleb and Evelyn for turning a nightmare into a walk in the park! Oh, and the pricing was reasonable too. I will be calling them shortly to schedule another job.

Excellent!!! We were told All American Plumbers were the best, so we called the BEST ... Calling and scheduling with Evelyn was easy and very informational. She understood our problem and said there was no charge for their Pipe Specialist David to come out and video inspect our Sewer line. She said they already know we have a problem - they didn't want to charge us on top of it, Thank you Evelyn! Other companies wanted to charge us 395.00 - 695.00 to video the line, Knowing we had a collapsed sewer. David, Where do we start with him?! Experienced, Knows what he's doing, Helped us see and understand what we were looking at. He called us when he was on the way ' Very nice and well spoken man. He helped us understand our problem and the sense of Urgency and time we had to get this fixed. Within a matter of hours David showed us the problem on his computer, Marked the area where the problem was, sent us a Video & Estimate. Evelyn had us on the schedule within a few days. Our Insurance was holding us up :/ The team that came out, WOW Great team you have there!!!! Very nice, Dressed in uniform and ready to work. They had Our Property back in order and looking great with in 2 days!!! (the seed and straw were a ADDED BONUS) :) I've heard Great things about your Company but I had no idea how Professional, Organized, Trained & Talented they are. We WILL be referring you to Our neighbors & Friends Thank you All American Plumbers. I would like to also add we had a leaking pipe under our sink and they had a Plumber out the very same day for a FREE ESTIMATE, With the cost of things these days, NOTHING IS FREE but this was and at a fair Price!!! If you're looking for a 1 stop Plumbing Company for All your Plumbing needs, This is it... The best... Thank you again All American Plumbers & ALL that helped getting this fixed

CJ from All American Plumbers was professional, friendly, and extremely helpful, he fixed my issue promptly and offered additional plumbing advice requested. I will definitely use All American Plumbers again!

Great customer service from the very beginning. Evelyn Thompson was great. She wad patient with me and very helpful. The guts that came out to do the work were thoughtful, respectful, and conscientious. They showed up on time and finished the work on time. I will refer these guys again and again. Thank you.

I had a very positive experience with this company form the beginning. We had a problem with root intrusion into our sewer line with the main line exiting the house under a room addition. This company sent out a guy who was creative and clever and suggested a course of action that would be minimize risk to the existing structure. Their bid was also under what the others submitted. Polite, friendly customer service from Evelyn ... and David and Brandon were prompt, honest, and respectful on the job site. I would highly recommend All American!

My sump pump had been running constantly in a manner that had not occurred previously. Justin came out and did a full inspection of the system. It turns out that it was just a lot of groundwater from a heavy rain. The visit was free of charge and was conducted in a very professional manner. I will definitely be contacting them again in the future.

Prompt and courteous service, quality workmanship. It was expensive, but I didn't have time to get quotes from multiple contractors, so I don't know if I could have gotten a better deal elsewhere. "Std 2 Piece Major rebuild" on a toilet: $314. "3/4" Ball&Waste Valve On Water Line" (replacing the broken valve to turn the water in our condo off and on): $395.

Thanks to Lucas Higgins, I will never use anyone other than All American. He was extremely knowledgeable, patient and quick. I hired All American Plumbing for a service at my Mother in laws home.Lucas is a great asset to the company.

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