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I have been in the plumbing industry since I graduated collage (Go Hokies) in 2000. Straight out of college I went to work for a large (Big Box) plumbing company. I worked my way to head service manager for that company. I was never satisfied with the value they placed on my employment, nor the quality of work they demanded. I was not part of the team. I decided to make the change (after over 10 years) to work for Freedom Plumbers. I must say it is a completely different environment. They value everything I have to say and we work well together, even in the tough times. The demand we place on quality of work is surpassed by no one. We believe that by treating our employees correctly they will in-turn treat our customers with the utmost respect. And it works! Not only do our customer's love us and our demand for perfection, they are surprised by our level of communication. The next best thing about Freedom Plumbers is that we analyze our cost almost daily to find areas where we can lower them, this allows us to deliver a product at a much lower price. Our cost is close to half that of the large companies and the quality of work is exponentially better. Freedom Plumbers is a great place to work and is a top quality plumber for a great price.

They are very responsive, they came to my house for a free estimate and they were very helpful, professional, and honest. I will definitely work with them every time I have a problem you can rely on them and their professionalism.

They were great! Started with Ricky snaking our sewer line as far as he could go. Next came Dave with his camera and receiver. He interpreted for us the images on the monitor and pinpointed the start of the failed piping (Orangeburg) and marked on the lawn for the diggers. The cost of the camera work was $0 because the snaking didn't solve the problem. The diggers came in three days and had the trenching complete and the PVC in place the first day they were on site. I flushed the toilet and did a load of wash at the end of the day and the water cleared completely. The inspector came the next day to inspect the work and the dirt was back in place that same day. The restoration work, replacing the azaleas removed for the trenching and the dirt, was done beautifully with no mounding and merging in smoothly with the non-affected landscape. The only problem was the small amount of dirt that was still present on the driveway and the sidewalk leading to the the front door. The crew will return to finish the job. They did a great job, I was greatly impressed.

Excellent service and pricing. Joe assessed the situation and replaced the pump immediately. We would highly recommend Freedom Plumbers for any work needed.

Recently worked with CJ from Freedom Plumbers for the second time. He is an amazing professional and very thorough. I would not hesitate to use them again. I highly recommend their service.

Very honest Plumbing work. Was able to diagnose the problem thoroughly before recommending any super expensive work, unlike the rest of the plumbers in the area.

Good work. Price decent. Showed up on time pointed out a couple of issues but did not pressure to fix while at house.

Joe from Freedom Plumbers was courteous, friendly, and knowledgeable. Joe and I agreed about what needed done about my kitchen plumbing problem. The work is scheduled for next week.

The technician CJ is extremely professional and knowledgeable. He was very patient explaining the issue and was very friendly. At the end, he checked everything and made a small adjustment to resolve the issue. Great service!

CJ. Larry was prompt, professional and thorough in his task. He diagnosed the problem quickly and completed the repairs the next morning. This is my second time using Freedom Plummets and I can say that they are now my go to plumbing company.

Affordable, fast, professional, quality workmanship, honest & just plain nice. I'm a realtor, and always looking for good contractors to help my clients. One of my client's had used Freedom Plumbers and was very pleased with their service, so I decided to try them. I, now have a new plumber at the top of my list. I will keep their name in my phone on speed dial whenever I need a great plumber!

Justin was great! He was on time, called ahead, explained everything he was doing, and repaired our leaking toilet very efficiently. Definitely 5 / 5 stars!

Freedom Plumbers replaced my water main from the street, under the slab and up into my basement via a trenchless approach. All aspects of the engagement were excellent. While I am sure that it is possible to get work done more cheaply, I feel strongly that the price I paid was totally fair for the quality of the work and the level of communication that I received.

Great experience! I had two faulty toilets and the service technician, Sylvester M. was on time and quickly diagnosed both problems and provided a written repair estimate. Thoroughly satisfied!

When we needed our water heater replaced, we picked Freedom Plumbers even though they were the highest bidder. Their professionalism at the time of the estimate gave us confidence in their expertise. In the day of service, though they arrived fairly late, they installed the new heater without incident. However after the installation we noticed later a bit of damage to a near wall caused during installation. When we called to mention this and they offered immediately to pay a contractor of our choice for the repairs. They were quick to pay our contractor up front so the repairs could start immediately. The repairs were done with no cost to us. Though it would of course been best had no damage had be done, their quick response and unquestioned commitment to “right” this situation was impressive. People and companies sometimes make mistakes. It’s how they handle those mistakes that puts them on top and above the rest.

Justin of Freedom Plumbers was very professional and arrived well within the estimated time provided. He had my water main valve replaced within an hour.

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