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I love this team! So great to work with. They have solved all my plumbing issues! I really appreciate their flexibility and responsiveness. They make it very easy to get plumbing work done- which is harder than it sounds! I always refer them when people ask.

Bob Oates installed the rough-in plumbing for my small bathroom remodel. The estimate was very fair and it was thorough—no need to work out details later and I had a very clear vision of what to expect from them. David and Christian were on time and professional. They treated my husband and I and our home with respect and when they ran into some troubles they never complained, working well past 5:00pm on a Saturday to get it right. I would hire Bob Oates again in a heartbeat!

Interacted with a few different folks (plumber, sewer main snaking person, and camera inspection person). All of them were courteous and knowledgeable, and they ended up showing me I needed a lot smaller repair than I expected. If you have very old cast iron drain pipes like me, I highly recommend you soak the threads on the clean out in PB Blaster like I did before the appointment, so they can avoid cutting out any old stuck brass plugs.

Showed up on time. Very polite. Explained problem and how he would resolve the situation. Reasonable price for work.

Local company who's been around the Puget Sound for a long time. Saw their trucks all over the city and when I had a problem decided to call. Found out I had a busted sewer line and was given a fair and reasonable estimate. After a couple of more estimates I decided to give Bob Oates a try and boy am I glad that I did. Not only was it a better value than the other companies but excellent service. Great Job!

First let me start by saying that the ladies that answer the phone at this company are some of the nicest people I've spoken to in a long time. I was in a bit of a panic you see and I needed my sewer pipe lined ASAP. It seems Bob Oates has a brand called Nu Flow that according to the salesman Andrew is a different design than other pipe liners. Turns out I only needed 3 feet of pipe lining which was way cheaper than the other companies who had 20 foot minimums. The guys dug a small hole cleared the pipe lined it came back the next day put everything back together buried the hole and we're on their way. I would definitely use this company again in a heartbeat. Thank you Bob Oates

Impressed with Casey - the sevice tech - courteous, knowledgeable, neat, and got 2 toilet installs done in amazingingly little time. Thank you for having such a quality employee!

We have used them several times, most recently for the replacement of our entire sewer line. They made this a fairly easy and painless process. Granted, these types of projects are painful on the pocketbook. Bob Oates has comparable prices and excellent service. Andrew was assigned as our project manager. He was professional and communicated throughout. We highly recommend this company

Jeovany Martinez is one of the best, most pleasant and knowledgeable tradesmen I have seen in many years. What a great find for Bob Oates! He quickly diagnosed and fixed a serious problem, with a very friendly and supportive personality. Thanks for the wonderful work, Jeovany!

Reached out to these guys on Yelp because I had tried to snake out my pipes and the snake broke off in the pipe.. Still had the initial clog in there too. (Don't rent snakes from home depot btw) Kyle was the initial contact, he gave the general manager, John, my number and he promptly called me. I had three other people come out and check it out because they did "free" visits as aposed to the 50$ service fee these guys charge, but decided to go with the folks and Bob Oates still after it was all said and done. The price was right and customer service was top notch. John remembered me days later when I called back. Sent out Isaac the next day and Isaac was AWESOME. He knew what he was doing, helped us understand what was going on, cleaned out those pipes and located the broken snake. He tried but couldn't get it out with the equipment he had and his arms were too buff to stick in this 4 inch pipe. We had a friend pull that baby out and we are in the clear! So happy that we went with Bob Oates!!! Everyone else was so ready to dig our pipes up without even knowing the issue. Special thanks to John and Isaac!

Corrosion had choked our 80-year old galvanized piping, so we called Bob Oates and had them replace with PEX piping. It was sad to see all those bronze valves go away, but one guy with a Sawsall had the old out and the new in in a couple of days, including a visit from a directional-drilling rig and a replacement of our ancient meter by City forces as part of the operation.

Professional, thorough, friendly - really good service. We get our outside plumbing lines looked at every few years and always hope that we won't need to do much more. Whether we need rooting services or we are good for another few years, Bob Oates' team does a great job for us.

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