DrainMaster Inc.

Rated 4.9 stars from 105 reviews.

Great customer service. The technician explained the install and repair or a disposal. This will definitely be my go to in the future.

Called with a clogged sink drain and called Drain Master and had the quickest response and great service and drain unclogged in no time. Great Company

We have been longtime Waterworks customers. They couldn't come until tomorrow, and I couldn't go to work without showering. From the person who answered the phone through the end of the service call (same day, within 4 hours of my call) everyone was polite, gave me tips and the price was $50 cheaper than Waterworks. I will definitely recommend DrainMaster and use again.

Thanks Charlie for a great job repairing our downspout drain line. Highly recommend!

Awesome service! Another company came in to clear a sewer blockage. It took 2 days, and the quote was over $5k. Drainmaster had it clear in 10 minutes, and for a fraction of the price. Very highly recommended!

Very professional team. Great for emergency services and always willing to help out. Have used this company in commercial applications and they are great. Highly recommend!

Charlie and Dylan were great! We needed emergency service on a Saturday evening and they were at our house within 90 minutes, and worked for over 2 hours to fix the issue. Both guys were professional and knowledgeable.

I was a long-time Roto-Rooter customer, but had not been happy with their recent past service. Then, on my last emergency call, after waiting 4 hours and having to call to find out what was going on, only to be given excuses, I decided to call someone else. DrainMaster had good reviews, so I dialed them up. And I'm glad I did. They were very friendly, on the phone and in person. They were out at my place within 30 minutes of my call to tackle the problem, And this was a late-night emergency call. They are price competitive and their service was great. I highly recommend giving them a try. I know I'll be calling them again for future plumbing needs.

Excellent service the tech came out in a timely manner he was very professional I had a tree root problem in my drain ,open the drain successfully with a high pressure water system great job!

Called them Friday afternoon and they were here the same day! Very professional, diagnosed the problem within minutes, and had us up in running within no time. The cost to repair was EXTREMELY reasonable. Highly recommend and they will have our business moving forward. Thank you DrainMaster!

Drainmaster was the third company that was contacted to fix a clogged line. I called on a Friday afternoon and they were here within 2 hours. Roto-Rooter said that they would need to dig up my front yard for them to access the clogged line which would cost $5000, Master Mechanicals had no clue how to fix it because they couldn’t locate my cleanout, but drainmaster immediately knew what the issue was and how to fix it.They took the time to call the city to figure out where the cleanout was. Once they located it, it took them less than an hour to clean the clogged line. They were very professional and the price of $300 was much more reasonable than $5000. I also like the fact that the service includes a 90 day warranty.... it’s been 3 weeks and I have had no other issues. Drainmaster has my vote and I will highly recommend to others.

We had a sink clogged and backed up. Sort of in a jam. They were there within a few hours had everything sorted out and fixed within 20 minutes and billed extremely fair while explaining what had happened and how it was resolved. Thanks for the great service. Great communication Tina! Wish i was there to say thank you myself so I figured I'd leave an appropriate review.

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