C. Lee Services

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What a great experience with this company. Fast, friendly service. Anthony was very professional and did a great job on our bathtub faucets!! I highly reccomend this place!!

Wonderfully knowledgeable and courteous! Made sure it was what we wanted and not near as pricey as I thought it was going to be.

This is my second time using C. Lee Svc. In recent months and I will continue to use them as the need arises. Knowledgeable, fair, honest and cordial would be the best way to describe them. It would be nice if they were able to do electrical and HVAC as well.

Chris Lee and all his team, especially Justin and Taylor, have taken such good care of us. Whether it’s sinks and toilet, drainage pipes, gas lines, ducts, or HVAC, they have done them all for us, expertly and at a fair and reasonable price. Even on weekends!

Brad and Carl were so thorough, they were totally transparent, honest, and they did a fantastic job!!

They do great work, always get out in a very timely fashion, and the pricing is reasonable. I would recommend them to anyone.

To say that Chris went above and beyond to help me out is really a bit of an understatement. Being the third plumber to attempt to solve my monumental problem, Chris was extremely helpful, reasonable, and informative throughout the process. I'm surprised to see anyone saying their service was overpriced, because he charged me so much less for what he did compared to his competition that I actually didn't believe him at first. I was approaching the idea of selling my house due to the scale of the problem, and Chris helped me locate and pinpoint the issue to the point that I was able to complete the job myself for a fraction (I'm talking 1/10th or less) of the cost that somebody else would have charged. I have no experience with plumbing, and would not have been able to tackle this issue without C. Lee services. Upon me explaining my difficult situation, Chris even reached out to me on the way home from the job one day about a place that was hiring to help me with my non-plumbing "life" issue as well! What a genuinely good guy who is concerned with helping his customers above all else. Thank you so much for your kindness; you will forever be my go-to plumber while I'm living here in NE Ohio!

Wonderful customer service. They are friendly, timely, and affordable. I am very happy I found this wonderful company.

Thank you Anthony from C.Lee Services for a great job on my water heater.The office staff was very nice and the price for services were very fair.I would highly recommend this company to anyone.

Yet again, Chris and his crew to the rescue! Since we purchased our home in June 2013, I've used clee plumbing for all my projects. They are fast, efficient, don't dilly dally with prices. I can't wait to do our kitchen renovation!

Very happy with the services provided by C. Lee Plumbing. It's taken a few trial and errors with other plumbers, but think I have finally found a reliable/reasonable plumber in the area. Planning on both using and recommending for future jobs. Thanks guys!

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