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My elderly parents had a spigot break off in the backyard late at night and we had to cut all water off from the house. When I called our regular plumber the next morning, they could not guarantee a plumber out that day. I gave Cathedral a call and they said they could have a plumber out by afternoon and if someone became available they would send them out as soon as possible, within 15 minutes I got a call that the plumber was on the way. Brian was so professional and listened to our concerns and our needs. The quote was good and even gave me different options. He had it fixed in by 1pm. Cathedral is now my families plumbing company. Thank you Brian.

So far so good. I called on a Friday for an estimate to switch from 2, 50-gallon tank hot water heaters which were near death to a single Navien NPE-240A tankless. Amanda was able to schedule two of their plumbers, Terry Don and Jeff, to come out Monday (the next work day). No charge for them to come out (Baker Bros charged us $39 just to come out and give us an estimate-to be applied to the installation if we chose them, and Frymire didn't even respond). Terry Don and Jeff came over on Monday as promised, and with a very competitive estimate, the same two guys were able to get to work the following morning. Great turn time, and I particularly liked that it was the same guys who gave me the quote. They were very thorough and professional, and cleaned up their work. Since this is our first tankless hot water heater, I'll update this review in the future once we see how the new tankless water heater works, if there are any issues, and how Cathedral responds. I definitely recommend Cathedral to any residential owner who needs any type of plumbing work done from clearing a clog to new installation. UPDATE: It's been about 9 months, and we've had no mechanical or installation problems with the tankless water heater at all. Everything's working as advertised.

The plumber for Cathedral Plumbing could not figure it out either, and proposed cutting into the damp sheet rock to see what he could find. He was able to find a leak in a copper water pipe and was able to replace the section of pipe which fixed the problem. It was an unfortunate leak, but the source was quickly identified and repaired. I had dripping water coming from the ceiling in my laundry room, and I needed to figure out what was causing the leak and get the leak fixed.

After water was falling out of our recessed lighting on Halloween, I didn't freak out but rather just called Cathedral plumbing the next morning. The leak was isolated in the tub drain so we were able to keep the house water on. I was pleased to hear they were going to send out a plumber first thing 9am Friday morning. Brandon arrived exactly on time Friday and was super nice and professional. He went right into diagnosing the problem. He ruled out any major issues and soon found a hair ball the size of a small rat in my daughters drain. It was causing the water to get so high during showers, it was coming out of the overflow, which was not sealed properly during installation. Brandon sealed the overflow and made sure it worked before leaving. He even resealed the other overflow cover in the adjacent upstairs bathroom. I highly recommend this company. Great customer service and workmanship.

Yet another fantastic service call from Cathedral. Brandon is so super friendly, efficient, went above and beyond explaining things and even helped me with an issue I had not called about!

Great service! Fast, friendly & reasonable! You can’t ask for more when you need a plumber!

Robert ***** with Cartherdral Plumbing was extremely professional and was able to tell me what issue I had quickly. I had a dripping facet in my bathtub and he knew right away it was a broken catheridge. He never once used terms I couldn't understand and was more then happy to walk me through what he was doing. Not only was the service excellent but the pricing was very reasonable. Thanks Catherdral Plumbing for employeeing professional and knowledge gentlemen.

Bryan was unbelievably helpful and knowledgeable. He had my garbage disposal unclogged very quickly And advised that I had an electrical problem. I will be using cathedral plumbing again in the near future!

Brian Burns with Cathedral Plumbing arrived at my home to repair a leaking bathtub faucet. Brian was early to my appointment, polite knowledgeable and professional. He fixed my problem promptly. I highly recommend Brian and Cathedral Plumbing!

On time for appointment. Very nice, did the job fast and right!! Great company!

HONESTY. That's what you want when you need something fixed and you're no expert. Brandon was extremely nice and honest to help me get past the issues I was seeing. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

I tend to only want to write reviews when I receive bad service, but the service I received from them was so exceptional, I wanted to make sure they received the accolades for doing such a good job. They were able to come out same day and provide a free estimate for the services and the plumber (Todd) was thorough and provided great customer service. I would highly recommend and will definitely use again.

As a new home owner Catheral was awesome at resolving a few kinks. They are professional, quick to respond and really care about the customer. They proved me with peace of mind.

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